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Bugs and rodents are called pests for a reason. They wreak havoc on homes and businesses causing costly damage and susceptibility to disease. Port City Pest Control protects your property with solutions proven to reduce or eliminate pest problems.

Blank Slide Cockroaches Mosquitoes Termites These small critters can destroy your home or business. Stop them now, with our treatment plan. Rodents Where there’s one rodent, there are likely more where it came from. Learn how we can help you ward off mice and rats. Don’t let cockroaches take over your home or business. Learn how we can help. Never suffer from itchy mosquito or tick bites again. Schedule an appointment. Wildlife They belong in our ecosystem but not
in your home or business. Learn more.

Residential Pest Control

Whether you’re dealing with pests in your home or want to start a protection plan, we know just what to do to defend your home. Our trained technicians use safe techniques that are easy on your family and pets, but tough on pests. We also contract with HOAs and community associations to protect the entire neighborhood, one house at a time.

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Commercial Pest Control

Safeguard your business from unwanted guests. Our pest control programs prevent sanitation hazards from affecting your customers and employees and give your business a clean bill of health. Let’s work together to build a better community.

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Mosquito Program

Pesky mosquitoes can quickly ruin spending time outdoors. Their itchy bites are a big annoyance, and they carry diseases that can affect your family. Our mosquito program attacks the problem at the source. See what habitats make the perfect mosquito breeding ground and how our mosquito program protects your yard all summer long.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small and hard to find, mainly because they’re more active overnight and hide in tight places. If you wake up with small red bites, that’s one of the primary indications that bed bugs are present. Learn how to spot bed bugs and how Port City Pest eradicates the problem.

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Wildlife Management & Removal

Port City Pest performs wildlife management and removal, as well as preventative measures to prevent your home or premises from getting invaded. While wildlife are important to our environment and ecosystem, they don’t belong in the home.

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Termite Control

Don’t let your investment be ruined by damaging termites. These wood eating pests cause $5 billion in damage to American homes each year. Learn how to determine if you have termites and see how Port City Pest can control the problem.

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Rodent Control

Where there’s one rodent, there are likely more where it came from. Learn how we can help you ward off mice and rats.

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