Do I have termites?

Your home may have termites and you don’t even know it. You invest so much time and money into your home; it’s only natural to want to protect it from harmful pests.

Subterranean termites are the most common in the U.S. and are responsible for 95% of all termite damage. There are also Drywood termites and Formosan termites, which are both found in the southern region of the country.

Subterranean and Formosan termites both live in the soil and build mud tubes to protect themselves while above ground. Drywood termites live inside the dry wood and their colonies can be dispersed throughout your home.

Since they live underground, you probably won’t see any termites. Instead, look for these signs:

  • Mud tubes on the outside of your home
  • Presence of discarded wings next to entry points
  • Wood damage behind walls or below floors


  • Treat materials with termiticide before building
  • Treat all soil underneath the structure and concrete slabs
  • Treat the structure’s foundation


  • Penetrate concrete slabs and porches and apply termiticide
  • Apply termiticide around the foundation in a 6” by 6” trench
  • Insert termite rods into the soil and apply termiticide

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Keep firewood away from your home and don’t store excess wood
  • Seal cracks in your foundation and install screens over outdoor vents
  • Reduce moisture collection in pipes and keep drainage sites clean

How Port City Pest treats termites

If you suspect that termites have invaded your home, call Port City Pest right away. A trained technician will conduct a thorough examination of your home, inside and out. We’ll enter crawl spaces and basements checking for moisture problems, look at your foundation for wood damage, and check all potential entry points. If termites are detected, we’ll recommend a course of action to protect your home.

How to prevent a termite infestation

The best way to prevent termites is to treat your home pre- and post-construction. There are also some general maintenance items you can do as a precaution.

You’re always covered

With every treatment, we offer a protection plan to keep your home termite-free. We’ll return to your home to monitor the situation and check for any additional pests. Don’t let termites ruin your investment. Call Port City Pest today to schedule a free inspection.