If you have bed bugs you may think your life will never be the same

Port City Pest is here to get you back to normal.

What do bed bugs look like?

Learning what bed bugs look like is the first step to determining if you have a bed bug infestation in your home.

You will probably feel bed bugs before you see them, as their bites are notorious for leaving small, itchy red bumps on the skin. Bed bugs are reddish-brown and about 5 mm in length. These flat pests are commonly found in bedding and along mattress seams. They also hide in furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet faces, and picture frames.

Bed bugs feed on blood and can appear swollen after feeding on a host. In the right conditions, they can survive for up to one year without eating. They are typically more active at night and prefer cool environments.

Bed bugs can come from many places, including hotels, gyms, or schools. They hide in personal belongings like luggage or purses, and once they enter your home, they’re difficult to monitor. Your best chance at minimizing their impact is by detecting them early and calling a pest specialist.

Detecting bed bugs

If you’re concerned about a bed bug infestation, there are a few signs to look out for.

  1. Finding bed bugs: Look for small insects that look like seeds on your mattress, around your bed frame, or on your bedding.
  2. Evidence of skins, eggs, or fecal matter: As bed bugs grow, they shed case skins. They’ll also leave behind eggs or fecal matter. Look for dark stains or mounds on surfaces surrounding your bed.
  3. Bites: Bed bugs leave proof of their existence on your person. Red bumps form a line near a blood vessel.

How Port City Pest eliminates bed bugs

We work quickly to identify a bed bug infestation and stop it in its tracks. If you suspect that bed bugs have invaded your home, call Port City Pest to ensure they’re eliminated for good.

At the first sign of bed bugs, we’ll complete a thorough inspection of your home. Our technicians are trained to look in even the most inconspicuous spots, like rugs and crevices in the wall or floor. Typically, the inspection begins in the bedroom, but we understand the importance of the wellbeing of your family, so we’ll walk through the entire home.

After our inspection, we’ll recommend the best treatment plan for the severity of infestation. We use state of the art technology and pest control methods to eradicate your bed bug problem responsibly, with your family, pets, and home in mind. Our methods target juvenile and adult bed bugs, preventing the problem from persisting.

Once your home has been treated, we’ll recommend a follow-up timeline to monitor the situation. We’re committed to addressing any pest problem with a lasting solution that keeps your home comfortable.

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